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Product class Major products
Aromatics Toluene, Xylene, High-boiling-point Solvents
Aliphatics N-hexane, Isohexane, N-heptane
Ketones Acetone, MEK, MIBK, DIBK, Cyclohexanone, Isophorone
Esters Ethyl acetate, Propyl acetate, Butyl acetate, Isobutyl acetate, CS-12
Alcohols NPA, Methanol, IPA, N-butanol, Isobutyl alcohol, MIBC, DAA, Hexylene glycol
Glycol ethers Methyl glycols, Ethyl glycols, Butyl glycols, ETB, PM/PMA, 3-methoxy 1-butanol/ 3-methoxybutyl acetate, Other glycol acetates
Ethers Isopropyl ether
Others Dioxane, THF/NMP, Chlorinated solvents, Surface active agents

Coatings, Raw materials for coatings

Product class Major products
Various Coating products Architectural coatings, Marine coatings, Fishnet coatings, PCM coatings, High-performance coatings, Floor coatings, Automotive refinishing coatings, Adhesive film for surface protection
Coating resins Melamine resin, Polyester resin, Urethane resin, Fluorine resin, UV hardening resin, Epoxy resin, Polyamide resin, Resin for emulsions
Additives for coating resins Silica, UV polymerization initiator
Pigments Inorganic pigments, Organic pigments

Adhesives, pressure-sensitive adhesives, and raw materials for adhesives

Major products
Emulsions, Hot-melts, Solvents, Pressure-sensitive tape

Polyurethane,and related raw materials

Major products
TDI, MDI, Specialty isocyanates, Polyethers, Polyester polyol, Raw materials for polyurethane elastomer, Additives for PURs, Mold release agents, Polyurethane foam

Raw materials for Resin

Product class Major products
Monomers Styrene monomer, Acrylic acid, Butyl acrylate, 2-ethylhexyl acrylate, Ethyl acrylate, Methyl acrylate, Tertiary-Butyl Methacrylate (TBMA), Cyclohexyl Methacrylate (CHMA), 4-hydroxybutyl acrylate (4HBA), MMA monomer, Phenol, α-methylstyrene, Cumene, Vinyl acetate monomer, Bisphenol
Polyhydric alcohol Monoethylene Glycol (MEG), Diethylene Glycol (DEG), Triethylene Glycol (TEG)
Organic acids Phthalic anhydride, Maleic anhydride, Adipic acid, Sebacic acid, Fatty acid

Organic chemicals

Major products
Glyoxal, Acrylamide, Acrylonitrile, Aniline, Ethanol amine, Formalin, Paraformaldehyde, Ethylene Oxide, Propylene Glycol, Phenol, Bisphenol A, α-methylstyrene, PTA, Dichloromethane, Epichlorhydrin, Methylamine, Dimethylformamide, Benzylamine, Oxalic acid, Benzyl alcohol, Acetic acid, Acetic anhydride, Chloroacetic acid, PVA, Benzoic acid, Hydroquinone

Inorganic chemicals, industrial chemicals

Product Major products
Biocides Bromines, Thiazoline disinfectants, Preservatives and fungicides
Water treatment agents (Chelate) Slime control agents, Chemicals for boilers
Ammonia, nitric acid, and sulphuric acid Liquid ammonia, Aqueous ammonia, Nitric acid, Ammonium nitrite, Uria, Melamine, Fuming sulphuric acid (Oleum), Sulphuric acid
Inorganic chemicals Caustic soda, Soda ash, Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate, Liquid chlorine, Hydrochloric acid, Calcium chloride, Sodium hypochlorite, Sodium sulphate, Magnesium hydroxide, Magnesium carbonate, Sodium sulphite, Bromine, Hydrobromic acid, Sodium bromide, Hydrogen peroxide, Phosphoric acid, Phosphorus oxychloride, Phosphorus trichloride, Hydrazine, Sodium fluoride, Sodium fluorosilicate, Barium sulphate, Iodine, Active carbon, Calcium carbonate, Quicklime, Calcium hydroxide, Calcium sulphate, Silica gel
Plastic additives Antistatic agents
Secondary batteries Propylene carbonate, Ethylene carbonate

Pharmaceutical, agrochemical, health food, cosmetic materials

Major products
Various products, raw materials, intermediates, additives

Merchandise related to “food and agriculture” domains (Livestock, fisheries, agriculture, foods)

Major products
UV-C LED Disinfection Device/Module, Sterilized Water Generator (sodium hypochlorite + carbonic acid), Bacteria rapid measurement Device (fluorescent image measuring device), Dry-ice blast cleaning unit, Salmonella Detection Kit (Nucleic acid-chromatography method), Antibacterial agent (Etak®), Biopesticide


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