Basic CSR Policy

Basic CSR Policy1

We will continually strive to improve our corporate value by engaging in conscientious activities giving full consideration to the social significance of Mitsui Bussan Chemicals’ presence and a strong awareness of our ties with the environment.

Basic CSR Policy2

We will raise the awareness of each employee with regard to CSR and solidify our management base for practicing CSR through fully reinforcing internal control. We will also make efforts towards actively contributing to society.

Basic CSR Policy3

We will fulfill our accountability with respect to CSR and continually work to improve our CSR activities.

Consideration for Environment and Safety

Consideration for Environment and Safety
  • We will devote our corporate activity to the environment and safety with “a mind that sympathizes with the environment and each individual”.
  • We will try to reduce and recycle waste, also, we will try to conserve energy and natural resources.
Fair and Transparent Corporate Ethics
  • We emphasize sound and fair corporate ethics, through corporate activities trusted and supported from our stake holders.
  • We consider communication with society important, and actively disclose information to facilitate mutual understanding.