Social contribution activities

Eco-cap campaign
Mitsui Bussan Chemicals cooperates with medical support activities, such as sending vaccines to children in developing countries by collecting PET caps and donating their proceeds to an NPO. Also, the Company supports efforts for recycling resources and reducing CO2 through cap recycling.
Fund-raising activities for guide dogs
The number of guide dogs is far less than the number of people who need guide dogs, and it costs a lot of money to foster guide dogs. Mitsui Bussan Chemicals installs donation boxes for fostering guide dogs through donations to the Japan Guide Dog Association and supports activities to improve the capabilities of the visually impaired to participate in society.
Assistance for overseas medical activities
Mitsui Bussan Chemicals collects used stamps attached to postal items delivered to the Company to support medical cooperation activities, such as the provision of supplies to overseas areas suffering from poor health and medical care, mainly in Asia and Africa, and dispatching of people engaged in health and medical care services through donations to a public interest incorporated association.
Donation of foods for stockpiling
Mitsui Bussan Chemicals donates food for stockpiling. The Company conducts activities to enhance social welfare and serve as a bridge for regional contribution by distributing food and drinks for stockpiling to welfare facilities and needy persons through NPOs, as well as to children, the flagbearers of the future, through local junior chambers.
Support activities for disaster-stricken areas
To areas stricken by the Kumamoto Earthquake that occurred in April 2016, Mitsui Bussan Chemicals donated water for stockpiling through Kumamoto City (66 boxes containing six 2L PET bottles of water in each box, or 792L in total). We extend our heartfelt sympathies to those affected by the earthquake and pray for a speedy recovery throughout the affected area.