Environmental policy

Guiding Principles1

Mitsui Bussan Chemicals has the mind that sympathizes with the environment and each individual and holds a high management priority in active engagement to environmental issues.

Guiding Principles2

Mitsui Bussan Chemicals takes maximum efforts in achieving “Sustainable Growth” that aims at harmony of economy and the environment.

For such efforts, Mitsui Bussan Chemicals bears responsibility to global warming issues, the preservation of the environment and prevention of pollution through the following activities/guide lines:

– construction of appropriate system of risk management.
– regular evaluation and continuous improvement of such systems.
– promote eco-friendly products/technology.

Action Guidelines

1. Observance of related various regulations
All domestic and foreign environmental regulations/laws and any company agreements are observed throughout our business activities.
2. Efficient use of resource and energy
Reduce the environmental burden by reducing energy and resource consumption, reducing waste, and recycling throughout our business activity not only limited to the office.
3. Responsibility/Concern to the environment: rendering of service, handling of existing and new business.
With the understanding of our customers/partners, evaluate the environmental impact taking into consideration of the technically and economically possible limit, pay full attention to the environment.