Basic CSR Policy

Basic CSR Policy1
We will continually strive to improve our corporate value by engaging in conscientious activities giving full consideration to the social significance of Mitsui Bussan Chemicals’ presence and a strong awareness of our ties with the environment.
Basic CSR Policy2
We will raise the awareness of each employee with regard to CSR and solidify our management base for practicing CSR through fully reinforcing internal control. We will also make efforts towards actively contributing to society.
Basic CSR Policy3
We will fulfill our accountability with respect to CSR and continually work to improve our CSR activities.

Consideration for Environment and Safety

Consideration for Environment and Safety
  • We will devote our corporate activity to the environment and safety with “a mind that sympathizes with the environment and each individual”.
  • We will try to reduce and recycle waste, also, we will try to conserve energy and natural resources.
Fair and Transparent Corporate Ethics
  • We emphasize sound and fair corporate ethics, through corporate activities trusted and supported from our stake holders.
  • We consider communication with society important, and actively disclose information to facilitate mutual understanding.

Environmental Policy

Guiding Principles1
Mitsui Bussan Chemicals has the mind that sympathizes with the environment and each individual and holds a high management priority in active engagement to environmental issues.
Guiding Principles2
Mitsui Bussan Chemicals takes maximum efforts in achieving “Sustainable Growth” that aims at harmony of economy and the environment.

For such efforts, Mitsui Bussan Chemicals bears responsibility to global warming issues, the preservation of the environment and prevention of pollution through the following activities/guide lines:

– construction of appropriate system of risk management.
– regular evaluation and continuous improvement of such systems.
– promote eco-friendly products/technology.

Action Guidelines

1)Observance of related various regulations
All domestic and foreign environmental regulations/laws and any company agreements are observed throughout our business activities.
2)Efficient use of resource and energy
Reduce the environmental burden by reducing energy and resource consumption, reducing waste, and recycling throughout our business activity not only limited to the office.
3)Responsibility/Concern to the environment: rendering of service, handling of existing and new business.
With the understanding of our customers/partners, evaluate the environmental impact taking into consideration of the technically and economically possible limit, pay full attention to the environment.

Social contribution activities

Eco-cap campaign

Mitsui Bussan Chemicals cooperates with medical support activities, such as sending vaccines to children in developing countries by collecting PET caps and donating their proceeds to an NPO. Also, the Company supports efforts for recycling resources and reducing CO2 through cap recycling.
Fund-raising activities for guide dogs

The number of guide dogs is far less than the number of people who need guide dogs, and it costs a lot of money to foster guide dogs. Mitsui Bussan Chemicals installs donation boxes for fostering guide dogs through donations to the Japan Guide Dog Association and supports activities to improve the capabilities of the visually impaired to participate in society.

Assistance for overseas medical activities

Mitsui Bussan Chemicals collects used stamps attached to postal items delivered to the Company to support medical cooperation activities, such as the provision of supplies to overseas areas suffering from poor health and medical care, mainly in Asia and Africa, and dispatching of people engaged in health and medical care services through donations to a public interest incorporated association.
Donation of foods for stockpiling

Mitsui Bussan Chemicals donates food for stockpiling. The Company conducts activities to enhance social welfare and serve as a bridge for regional contribution by distributing food and drinks for stockpiling to welfare facilities and needy persons through NPOs, as well as to children, the flagbearers of the future, through local junior chambers.

Support activities for disaster-stricken areas

To areas stricken by the Kumamoto Earthquake that occurred in April 2016, Mitsui Bussan Chemicals donated water for stockpiling through Kumamoto City (66 boxes containing six 2L PET bottles of water in each box, or 792L in total). We extend our heartfelt sympathies to those affected by the earthquake and pray for a speedy recovery throughout the affected area.
Green campaign

Mitsui Bussan Chemicals promotes education about the global environment through office greening by raising trees and plants, and supports activities protecting Japan’s forests by using domestic thinned wood for plant pot covers. In addition, the Company contributes to preservation of a sustainable global environment, such as prevention of global warming.

Supply Chain CSR Policy

Text of the Policy1
We will strive to contribute to the creation of a sustainable society by understanding and solving issues associated with the supply chains of our businesses, consistent with the wishes of our stakeholders.
Text of the Policy2
We will strive to support improvements in our supply chains by seeking understanding and implementation of the following principles by our business associates :

  1. We will engage in fair trade, prevent corruption and comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
  2. We will not be complicit in human rights abuse and violation
  3. We will not engage in discrimination with respect to hiring and employment.
  4. We will respect the rights of employees to associate freely and bargain collectively.
  5. We will appropriately monitor employees’working hours , holidays , leaves of absence and prohibit unlawful excessive work.
  6. We will prevent forced labor, child labor , unlawfully-cheap labor, physical discipline , and physical ,sexual other forms of harassment.
  7. We will help reduce and mitigate business impact on the global environment.
  8. We will ensure a safe and sanitary work environment.
  9. We will ensure the safety and reliability of our products and services.
  10. We will disclose adequate and timely information relevant to the above.


This Policy shall be applicable to Mitsui & Co. Ltd. and its subsidiaries.

Each unit shall work to communicate the Policy to employees within the respective organizations and gain their thorough understanding.

When deemed necessary from the perspective of promoting business, each unit shall investigate the formulation of appropriate detailed regulations and implement these regulations in consideration of the trends and transactions types for each industry and product, the order of priority for implementing the above items (such as the safety and security of products, human rights and the environment), and the impact on our customers. (Examples of specific measures: surveys and checks on compliance, advice and support aimed at solving problems, monitoring and auditing of compliance etc.)

The contents of this Policy shall be revised as necessary in consideration of trends such as international standards related to CSR.